Author Topic: free Features to help improve gaming and overall computer health  (Read 16396 times)

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free Features to help improve gaming and overall computer health
« on: September 09, 2013, 11:27:00 AM »
This topic was created to help users find free programs that are out there to help protect against viruses and other computer issues.

The first is ad-ware. As we know some intellectual properties may take us to websites that may have ad-ware. these could be potentially harmful and are sometimes tricky to spot. adblock is one of the leading free ad-ware protection out there.

Virus protection- Some intilectual properties may have links to sights that contain viruses and they may not even know it. avast has some of the coolest features out there and is a free virus protection.

Cache cleaner- gaming can "cache" or load images onto your computer. this may slow down your computer performance. a great solution is CCleaner by Piriform this will empty out that nasty cache and will also clean out other things on your computer. i recommend the default settings. Note- CCleaner may clean out some of the passwords and such you have saved on websites, so please be mindful.

Malware- malware can be viscous and extremely harmful to your computer. By downloading a malwear remover you have the potential to speed up your computers performance. I recommend Malwarebytes

More helpful gaming tips coming soon.
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